About the Book

This book is inspired by the true story of Clayton Sparks, an incredibly kind and generous person. This heartwarming story encourages compassion, sharing, and the ultimate gift of life. Be the spark that ignites love and kindness within others!

Clayton became an organ donor at the age of 24. This book is written by Abby Gray, the wife of Clayton’s liver recipient, to honor the incredible gift they received. Abby’s mother, Dee Everett, brings the story to life through her charming illustrations.

Through his life and death, Clayton will continue to inspire many for years to come. This story shows you a glimpse into the life he lived, and the incredible impact he made during his short time here. Clayton was an inspiration to all who knew him!

Who is this book for?

Children ages 2-8, but the message is great for all ages.

Does it talk directly about death and organ donation?

No, this was written so that I could read it to my two year old twins without getting into the hard conversations that aren’t age appropriate. As children get older, parents can use this book as an opportunity to discuss how we can all impact others after death.

What is the cost?

$11.99 for soft cover

$17.99 for hard cover

At this time, we only ship within the US.

When will it be released?

The book was officially released on April 19th to celebrate World Liver Day. It is now available for purchase here.

Clayton’s friends created a foundation to continue the acts of service that he completed while here on earth. Partial proceeds from this book benefit the Clayton Sparks Memorial Foundation to help support those acts of service.

About the Author

Abby Gray is a first-time author and mom of twin toddlers. Her husband, Reid Gray, received a direct donation liver transplant from Clayton Sparks on January 14, 2019. Since then the Gray family has formed an amazing bond with the Sparks, and they consider them family. After hearing the many stories of the life that Clayton lived, Abby was inspired to share his story in a way that would encourage other children to do the same. Reid is now a healthy, thriving twin dad and Abby and Reid want to honor Clayton always for his gift and share his stories with their kids.

About the Illustrator

Dee Everett is Abby’s mom, and she is an amazing artist. When Abby decided to write a Children’s book, it was a no-brainer to ask her mom to do the illustrations. Dee is a first-time illustrator and each of the pages in this book is hand-drawn by her. She brings the story to life through her fun illustrations… being the fun Grammy that she is!