About Clayton Sparks

Clayton Sparks was a real-life hero who grew up in Willis, Texas. From a young age, he encouraged others to be kind and inclusive. He made the world a better place by contributing where he could, and he was passionate about organ donation. In January 2019, Clayton was in a tragic skiing accident that took his life at the young age of 24. Clayton became an organ donor and blessed the lives of over 80 families with his corneas, tissue, and organs. The impact he made in this world, through both life and death, deserves to be honored. We hope this story will inspire children to make the world a better place, just like Clayton did!

Clayton was successful in business and had just earned his master’s degree from the University of Houston. He was a great baseball player, often seen wearing a Hawaiian shirt, and a good friend to all who knew him. While we mourn the loss of Clayton, we honor him and keep his memory alive by sharing stories of how he inspired and helped others.  

We encourage you to use this book as a conversation starter regarding organ donation with your friends and family. Please honor Clayton by registering to be an organ donor at registerme.org.

Partial proceeds from this book will go to the Clayton Sparks Memorial Foundation to continue the acts of service Clayton was so passionate about.